Open Support:

Team AugmentationSpecialist TalentFlexible CollaborationWorkflow ManagementScalable Billing Models

When you need to augment your team with expertise and talent, we can help with flexible Open Support models.

Specialist Talent

We supply top talent.

When you need the best, we deliver the best. We take care of the responsibility to source the right talent to meet your needs. Our experienced teams bring specialized skills in product design for emerging platforms across UX strategy, research, interaction, visual, immersive, content and prototyping.

Team Augmentation

We help you scale.

We help companies fill the hiring gap with open, flexible team support that provides ongoing design services to augment and scale internal team capacity. No matter if you need one designer or 10, we deliver premium talent, insightful leadership and flexible partnership models.

Flexible Collaboration

We co-create in flexible ways.

Partnership is all about collaboration and co-creation. We leverage a variety of means to work as seamlessly as possible. We balance side-by-side working time, collaborative working, and a variety of virtual collaboration tools to reduce the friction of working with a partner. We become a part of you while still being us.

Program Management

We manage the workflow.

When things are moving fast, needs come in all forms and sizes. We provide support to help filter your requests and channel those into clear plans and milestones for completion. We work with your design management to execute the mission.


FitBitSkypeVisaDoordashand more...

We've had many successful open support partnerships. Our partners appreciate the flexibility, scalability and immediate access to expertise.

Open Support


Skype engaged with Punchcut on cross-platform redesign of their core experience. They had major designer attrition while deadlines were becoming more aggressive.


- SF-based team of 8-12 people- T&M structure; tier rates based on role- Open Skype chat & daily standup call- Routine design reviews twice/week- Visits to Seattle 1-2 times/month

Open Support


Fitbit engaged with Punchcut for mobile and wearable 
app design when they experience difficulty recruiting top talent. Punchcut designed specific features/apps while collaborating with Fitbit designers for a cohesive experience.


- SF-based team of 3-6 people.- T&M structure; rates based on role- Shared Slack channel & Dropbox Integration- In-person design reviews 1-2 times/week

Open Support


Visa engaged with Punchcut to envision its design system, as well as extend an internal design system to their global Intranet. Punchcut collaborated with marketing, product, development and HR teams to create a top-tier experience.


- SF-based team of 6 people- Monthly retainer- Design touchpoints 1-2 times per week- Visa laptop and credentials

We can engage in a variety of ways:

Spark Sessions

Short, targeted workshops and sprints that provide the initial inspiration and vision needed to jumpstart your innovation process.

Product Delivery

Focused, project engagements dedicated to envision and realize a new product or service when you need outside vision and expertise.

Open Support

Open, flexible team support that provides ongoing design leadership and support services to augment and scale internal team capacity.



Engage a design support team to accelerate your impact.